Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Best of 2008

Best Current Affair Blog, Kiwiblog

Best Affair Blog, Cactus Kate

Best News Item, The Election Result

Best Dressed in Yellow, Rodney Hide

Best Person to Suffer a Hangover for, Cactus Kate

Best Airline First Class, Emirates

Best Electorate Result, Auckland Central

Best Rural Blog, Home Paddock

Best Newspaper, The Telegraph

Best Unmitigated Crap Blog, The Stranded

Best Experince, Upside Down in my Aircraft

Best Wine Drank, 04 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Letter to the Bank.

WB had to chuckle at this one;

Letter to the Bank.

Dear Sirs,

In view of what seems to be happening internationally with banks at
the moment, I was wondering if you could advise me correctly.

If one of my cheques is returned marked "insufficient funds," how do I
know whether that refers to me, or to you?

New Zealander of the Year

WB is amazed that Austin Hemmings has still not been officially recognised for his courage. I refer to my post dated ;

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The NZ Cross for Mr. Hemmings

Mr Hemmings' funeral yesterday was a very sad affair and he deserves recognition for paying the ultimate price for his bravery in helping a woman in need.

Watching Brief believes that he should be posthumously awarded the New Zealand Cross formerly known as the George Cross.

Trotski's Planet

From Stuff today

I would say to Trotski What planet are you on Chris? As the owner of an SME I personally guarantee bank loans that provide the liquidity for my business to function and pay my employees, yet they can leave my employment giving two weeks notice yet I have to go through convoluted hoops to do the same, I agree a fair day's pay for a fair day's work but in the words of I suspect one of your heroes Fraser "slackers should be drowned"

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Trotter's Blog the new Pravda?

Perhaps we should call Chris Trotters new blog ( Pravda.

Chris seems to have determined that they only way the left can have a voice is through censorship.

WB quotes from the rules of his blog "However, I do add this warning. If the blog seems in danger of being over-run by the usual far-Right suspects, I reserve the right to simply disable the Comments function, and will keep it that way until the perpetrators find somewhere more appropriate to vent their collective spleen."

Notice that only the far right are subject to rules yet the far left i.e. those who worship Chris are free to "vent their spleen"

And by the way Pravda translated means "The Truth" One can only admire Orwell's foresightedness

The Jangled World of Chris Trotter

WB notes that the self appointed guardian of the left seems to have a new blog site;

Chris, can you please explain amongst the jangled jargon of labels that you employ in your writing what exactly is your problem? Presumably when the electorate at large voted for the left they were correct but when they voted for the right they were wrong?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Socialists Plotting

Over at the Stranded or should I say Beached the left are plotting again, this quote has all the hallmarks of typical left thinking

"Thought also needs to be given as to how the Left will win control of the councils in the 2010 elections"

Remember the Left are all about power for its own sake, another quote from the Stranded "councils have a lot of control over infrastructure and urban planning"

So according to the Left it is very important to be in a position to exercise CONTROL, nowhere is there any mention of gratitude let alone acknowledgement that local bodies are funded by ratepayers.

WB suggests that the fellow travellers having been cut off from the tax payers tit until at least 2011 are trying to latch onto the ratepayers tit in the meantime.

WB reminds readers "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I wouldn't describe it as Armageddon

Stuff are reporting that "The Treasury opened the books for incoming prime minister John Key today, and he was not greatly concerned by what he saw.

After meeting Treasury secretary John Whitehead and senior officials, Mr Key told reporters the situation had deteriorated "a little bit" since the pre-election fiscal update.

"They are more pessimistic but I wouldn't describe it as Armageddon," he said."

All WB can say is what a relief that we finally have a PM that understands numbers in a fiscal sense rather than an ex PM who only saw numbers in terms of 'how many of the great unwashed that I need to convince (bribe) to keep me in power."

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Amazing; Judith Tizard is going to think

The Herald today reported Judith Tizard as saying, following her well deserved ousting by Nikki Kaye;

"I'm looking at my somewhat chaotic garden thinking, you know, this is the first time in 18 years I'll be able to get in and do some serious gardening. I mean I think I just need to stop and think."

Judith, you should have been thinking for a long time before this, and I mean serious thinking rather than thinking about thinking where and when you could acquire the next free canape and a glass of plonk.

Trot Off

Over at the Sunday Star Times today Chris Trotter was at his vitriolic best;

Well Chris in the words of one your heroes; the recently "fallen on my sword" Michael Cullen

"We one you lost eat that"


The title says it, now we look forward to the clean out of the left sycophants from all their tax payer funded posts across Crown Entities

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Helen Clark Crackers?

What a joke the latest "tape" on TV3 turned out to be. WB is now seriously thinking that rather than Clark's description of the tape as being "a cracker" that it is Clark who is crackers.

WB believes Clark has never recovered from primary school when she told interviewer Virginia Myers for the book Head and Shoulders.

“I was terribly shy, because of the lack of contact with other children. There were no others in the area and when I went to primary school I developed a lot of psychosomatic illnesses from having to mix with other kids.

“I had a very narrow social experience. There are still [as of 1984] whole slices of New Zealand I’ve never been in contact with and don’t feel at ease with. Like the business community. I’ve never had much to do with middle class urban New Zealand.”

WB would suggest that in 2008 Clark has exactly the same unease as in 1984.

More Toys for Prisoners?

The Herald reports today that Toys have been removed from Christchurch Men's Prison's visiting area after they were used for fighting and drug smuggling.

WB says this is excellent at last the Corrections Department is treating prisoners as prisoners.

But wait there is more;

The Herald went on to quote Southern Assistant Regional Manager for the Department of Corrections Ian Burke "Mr Burke said a more suitable range of toys were being looked at to replace those that had been confiscated."


WB wonders if the new toys will be in time for Christmas.

This readers is a classic example of what is wrong with this Labour Government. New toys for incarcerated criminals rather than providing some toys for the Sallys to give to disadvantaged kids at Christmas.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The TV 3 Debate

If one had only listened to the debate rather than watched then I suspect the score would be pretty even, however even is not enough to get Clark over the line.

The telling part was the contrasting demeanour of the two; Clark looked tired and haggard whereas Key looked pretty relaxed and confident.

In short we saw a Prime Minister on the way out and a Prime Minister on the way in so I would have to give the result to John Key.

One interesting snippet during the analysis afterwards was Linda Clark's observation that the National Party's private polling showed it's lead extending.

Another point; John Campbell will have a sore throat on Tuesday given the amount of talking he indulged in.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fiction and Nicky Hager

Over at Nicky Hager says (in italics) the following, after which WB has added comments.

“A presidential-style focus on John Key, that serves to keep people's minds off the line-up of 1990s privatisers, deregulators and social service-cutters who would make up much of a National-ACT Cabinet. “

Very interesting. Is there not also a presidential-style focus by the left on Helen Clark?

The very same Helen Clark when she was Deputy PM in the Lange/Palmer Labour government personally signed off on the sale and privatization of more state assets than at any other time before or since such as Air New Zealand (1989), New Zealand Steel (1987), Petrocorp (1989), Postbank (1989), Telecom NZ (1990) and Works Corporation (1989).

The contrast with John Key could not be more stark, Helen Clark sold state assets, John Key has said he will not.

“ Not releasing policy, not answering questions and not debating policy except when it suits them; and now, mid-election campaign, releasing "policy" that is little more than publicity stunts and too late for proper scrutiny.”

WB notes that Labour are saying that following the election they will bring in a mini budget to address the economy……..but we have no idea of what it contains.

“An orchestrated campaign to knock Winston Peters and the New Zealand First Party out of the election, thereby (they hope) swinging the MMP balance in National's favour. (Remarkably, there has been almost no discussion about where this campaign came from, why it is happening now and who stands to benefit from it.) “

This Hager comment is the ultimate in irony given his comments “that the Electoral Finance Bill is the sort of legislation you would expect to see introduced by the Nazi party.” A piece of legislation that his beloved NZ First Part voted for.

Or are you so deluded Nicky that you think you can sell the idea of another work of fiction purporting to chronicle the vast conspiracy to demolish Winston Peters as opposed to the facts as reported by Phil Kitchin, an award winning journalist.

Nicky Hager you are not a journalist, you are unable to see the world through a neutral pair of eyes and then follow the evidence, you are simply just another foot soldier of the left, that is blinded by ideology, a person who in the the 1940’s would be known as Goebbels

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Minor Parties and Vision Statements

WB has an antipathy towards "vision statements" how many times do we see them perfectly framed and mounted in office foyers proclaiming that zyx company values its staff, the community all the other stakeholders and what is more, strives to be a good corporate citizen"

The companies that WB is directly associated with have a vision statement being simply "maximise returns to shareholders"

Given that we are all shareholders in NZ Inc, WB simply laughed at the vacuous vision statements from all but one of the leaders of the minor parties espoused on last nights TVNZ debate.

Peter Dunne....."My vision is for another cabinet seat"
Tariana Turuia..."My vision is on the one hand then on the other"
Jim Anderton..."My vision is to up the drinking age"
Winston Peters..."My vision is to work with anyone that will retain my baubles"
Jeanette Fitzsimons..."My vision is to save the planet (possibly Mars?)"

The only leader who had a vision statement that one could understand was Rodney Hide

"Three strikes and your out, cap government spending, dismantle red tape and the ETS"

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Peters Pledge to Anderton re the Sale of Kiwi Bank a Forgery?

The NZ Herald reports that Mr Peters yesterday put forward a radical proposal to float shares in Kiwibank, with their sale restricted to New Zealanders, and channel all the Government's $55 billion a year business through it.

But Mr Anderton said Mr Peters had recently signed the Progressive's pledge stating "my party will not initiate or support the sale of Kiwibank".

With Labour and the Greens both opposed to the sale of Kiwi Bank how on earth can the voting public expect that a coalition of the left including NZ First ever hope to form a cohesive government.

As an aside obviously Mr. Peters believes that a signed pledge to the Anderton Party is a another forgery.

The Local Sheriff

When one observes that of the extra 1250 police recruited since the election, only 210 were posted to general duties but 133 to traffic duties, we believe the time has come to drastically overhaul our Police Force.

WB would suggest that the police need to be responsive to what local citizens demand in terms of policing policy. Therefore the present police structure should be abandoned completely and replaced with;

1/ A National Police Force similar to the Australian Federal Police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, responsible for issues such as; Organised Crime, White Collar Crime, Security and Diplomatic Protection. The top officer being appointed by the State Services Commissioner following consultation between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition

2/ A National Highway Patrol with jurisdiction limited to State Highways and Motorways, The top officer being appointed by the State Services Commissioner following consultation between the Minister of Transport and the Opposition Spokesperson for Transport.

3/ Regional Police Forces based on regional boundaries with the top officer in each region being elected for a fixed term by that region's voters.

WB firmly believes that local police chiefs should be directly accountable to the communities they serve, rather than to a politically appointed Commissioner based in Wellington.

With the local police chief under no illusions as to community expectations and with the ability to direct resources locally, we would I believe see a drastic drop in the crime rate.

Monday, 20 October 2008

300 Cops Causing Fear

Stuff reports that Police Minister Annette King has hit out at National's announcement that it would put 300 extra cops into front line roles in South Auckland, saying the move was "creating fear".

WB is now seriously worried about Annette (Sun and Moon) King either a/ she is supporting National's policy by saying that it will make the crims fearful or b/ the people of South Auckland are worried about having more police to protect them from the crims.

Either way it does appear as if the sun and moon are having an affect on the soon to be ex minister of Police.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Barker being Decorative with Documentation

In a press release dated 7 October 2008, Rick Barker said "Decorative birth certificates available now"

WB wonders if Rick Barker decided that because a recent immigrant seemed to have a number of "decorative documents" then all New Zealanders should have the same opportunity.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Give The Cullen Fund Back

Over at kiwiblog dpf links to the National Party Announcement that an incoming National Government will legislate for the NZ Superannuation Fund (i.e. The Cullen Fund,) or as WB prefers to call it; The Canute Fund, to invest 40% of its value within NZ.

WB says why not 100%, after all its our money in the first place, WB suggests that we just divvy it up, what could be more simple, just pro rata the amount of tax that we have paid individually since the fund was established against the total amount of the Fund and give us our money back.

Last Shower

WB's take on the TVNZ Leaders Debate;

Its very obvious John Key did not come down with the last shower

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Who is the Prime Minister?

WB viewed Close Up on TV One tonight, our impression was that John Key clearly enunciated National's economic policy, he was very focused and delivered an impressive summary of the key points of his policy and gave reassurance to electors in that he would be a very good custodian of the Nation's financial affairs. In short he looked, acted and spoke like a Prime Minister.

Whereas Helen Clark was on the defensive all she could do was attack, as evidenced by such emotive terminology such as "wrecker". In short she looked, acted and spoke like a Leader of the Opposition.

If this election is about "trust" then it is readily apparent that we can trust Labour to have no policy settings that would in any way mitigate the financial turmoil that we are currently experiencing.

Monday, 6 October 2008

PREFU, the Acronym

WB is a pilot and those readers who are of the same volition will know that when we fly we have a series of checklists consisting of acronyms e.g. the downwind checks (i.e. immediately prior to landing) are; "BUMFISH" standing for; Brakes, Undercarriage, Mixture, Fuel, Instruments, Switches and Hatches.

Now for the PREFU, WB believes that the acronym according to Michael Cullen, means for the Labour Party Faithful; P for Pissing on you, R for Ripping you off, E for Exploiting you, F for Fucking you over and U for being so Understanding.

What Cullen does not understand is that for the rest of us PREFU is shorthand for PREtty much Fuck U

Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Removal of Mike Williams et al from the Gravy Train

WB suggests that the incoming National Government should add an additional clause to the Crown Entities Act 2004 (and any other Acts as necessary) similar to the draft in blue below.

32 Term of office of members
  • (1) A member of a statutory entity holds office for—

    • (a) 3 years or any shorter period stated in the notice of appointment, in the case of a member of a Crown agent or autonomous Crown entity; or

    • (b) 5 years or any shorter period stated in the notice of appointment, in the case of a member of an independent Crown entity.

    • (c) Notwithstanding clauses 32 (1) (a) and (b) a member of a statutory entity will be deemed to have resigned their office upon the appointment of a new responsible minister.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The NZ Cross for Mr. Hemmings

Mr Hemmings' funeral yesterday was a very sad affair and he deserves recognition for paying the ultimate price for his bravery in helping a woman in need.

Watching Brief believes that he should be posthumously awarded the New Zealand Cross formerly known as the George Cross.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Helen Clark and Hypocrisy

Helen Clark said "Hard Hats On" WB would suggest that Clark is advising her pinko left wing colleagues to put their hard hats on to protect themselves from her vomit inducing drivel from her comments as reported in saying
"Had National got into Government it would have sent troops to Iraq and on a pro-rata basis, considering 4000 US troops were killed, there would be 60 body bags coming home,"

This from a Prime Minister who was and is still prepared to have our SAS troops on the front line in Afghanistan, and whom as witnessed by Corporal Willie Apiata's, well deserved VC are actually fighting under her watch.

The hypocrisy of this cunning conniving women knows no bounds.

To draw our Defence Forces (which her Government has done their best to emasculate) into her self serving quest for another term in power, quite simply shows the depths of her shonky government.

A PM who has one rule for her own colleagues but another one for Winston Peters simply proves that she is not fit to be Prime Minister but moreover suggests that her hand ringing attendance at so many of our remembrance ceremonies were more designed for photo ops rather than any deep seated respect for those which our country put in harm's way.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Trust Is Earned Not Demanded

Helen Clark is talking about an election based on trust;

Can we have trust in the following?

A Prime Minister who the NZ Police determined that there was a prima facie case established that she was fraudulent in signing a painting that was not her work.

A Prime Minister that was so busy reading that she did notice that her driver was exceeding the speed limit by some several tens of kilometres per hour.

A Prime Minister that was deliberate in sacking Ministers such as Dover Samuels and Phillip Field because of swirling allegations.

But a Prime Minister who still trusts Winston despite all the evidence to the contrary.

A Prime Minister who presumably still has confidence in her Minister of Finance when having announced the "chewing gum" tax cuts then reneged on the announcement

Please,we need a dose of reality here

Monday, 15 September 2008

Trust or Believe

Who do you trust?

Michael Cullen, says

“Given his background in Merrill Lynch, which has just gone belly up, I would have thought New Zealanders would come to the conclusion you wouldn’t put a man like that in charge of New Zealand’s economy,”


Bank of America confirmed it will pay $29 a share to acquire Merrill, which is a 70% premium on its closing price of $17.05 on Friday

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

An Early End to the Privileges Committee

WB having observed the Privileges Committee hearing tonight, and deciding that Winston Peters was not credible predicts the following;

1/ Peters resigns (before he is pushed) as a Minister I believe without portfolio

2/ Helen Clark asks the Governor General to dissolve Parliament

3/ The timing of 2/ will ensure that the Privileges Committee will not be able to deliver a Report prior to Parliament rising and thus allow at least one of the enquiries into Winston Peters to lapse

Monday, 8 September 2008

Trotter and Trotsky

WB has had a look at Chris Trotter’s or is it Chris Trotsky’s latest blog (

WB wonders if Chris Trotter would be more at home in a time shift back to the the days when the USSR pretended to be a voice from the left (as well as trying to extend its hegemony world wide), his blog is imbued with the grammar from Orwell’s Animal Farm with phrases and comments such as business-friendly neotribal (sic) capitalists, working class compatriots and pakeha ruling class.

Trotters closing comment seems to lament the time when The Listener was the left’s mouthpiece with the comment “It’s a tragedy that this once proud (my words left wing) publication has sunk to the intellectual level of this week’s editorial”

Gongs or Owen Goals

WB ponders a fictional scenario

1/ Someone from Monaco said to the Party in Government what is the quid pro quo for a $500k donation and an interest free $100k loan

2/ Possibly a bit of a gong and a consulship

3/ OK sounds good

4/ A bit of a problem the person in charge of consulships wants to know what's in it for him

5/ No problem another $100k will fix it

Sunday, 7 September 2008

An Expert Panel or a Bunch of Artists

WB has taken an interest in DPF’s blog ( and quotes “Labour have learnt nothing from the Electoral Finance Act. It was a partisan attempt to skew the electoral laws in their favour. And they have done it again their announcement of an expert panel to review electoral administration and political party funding.”

So, WB decided to look at who exactly is on the panel;

First we have

Professor Stephen Levine who was the founding Head of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington

Academic Number 1

Next we have

Associate Professor Andrew Geddis of Otago University

WB notes that his book :Andrew Geddis: Electoral Law in New Zealand: Policy and Practice: Wellington: Lexis/Nexis: 2007. along with Nicky Hager’s : The Hollow Men: Nelson: Craig Potton: 2006 is recommended by the the LGBT (Lesbian Gay etc etc) community with the comment “as long as the government and its allies make the suggested positive amendments recommended from Andrew Geddis, Nicky Hager and the Campaign for Open Government” (

Academic Number 2

And bringing up the rear is

Dr Jean Drage from Canterbury University

WB understands that her background combines research and teaching in political science, local government and women and politics. Apparently she is currently completing new research on women in local government whatever the F**K that is supposed to mean

Academic Number 3

So we have three academics all from Arts Faculties, who are a so called expert panel to review electoral administration and political party funding.

Surely if one was going to appoint an “expert panel” to review electoral administration and political party funding the panel would include a lawyer, an accountant and a political scientist drawn from a wider cross section of Ivory Towers (with cross party support) rather than a trio of artistic types drawn from the southern fringes of the country.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Is the Taxpayer paying for Winston's Legal Bills?

WB would like to know who is paying Mr Peter Williams QC legal it the taxpayer? WB understands that if you are a Minister (as Winston Peters still is) then your legal bills are being paid by the Crown in other words the taxpayer.

WB would suggest that the cosy 'setting aside of ministerial responsibility" means in effect that the we are all financially supporting a suppurating ex Minister of Foreign Affairs involved in legal actions that do not relate to Ministerial Responsibility.

So much for Helen Clark's annoucement on becoming Prime Minister that we will ensure high standards in public office

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Genuine Mistake or Distorting the Truth

WB notes that Peter Brown is saying that NZ First's not declaring the Spencer Trust donation of $50,000 was a genuine mistake

WB also notes Peter Mistake Brown’s point of order during Nick Smiths’ speech on the Second Reading of the Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill and I quote from Hansard “I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. The member is distorting the truth to the degree that it is unethical. By implication he is alleging corruption by either individuals or political parties. I take strong exception to that.”

The sanctimonious Brown needs a big lesson in humility.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ministerial Confidence??

WB suggests that John Key asks the following question to Helen Clark tomorrow; "Does she have confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs; if so, why?" the answer will be as we know "because he is a hard working etc etc Minister"

The supplementary question then is "Could the Prime Minister explain why swirling allegations surrounding Dover Samuels were sufficient for her to sack her Minister of Maori Affairs however swirling allegations surrounding her Minister of Foreign Affairs are not deemed to be as important, or is it that the difference is between the two is that the baubles of office are more important?

Monday, 25 August 2008

A Pub Crawl By Any Other Name

The Maori Side Tour is the brainchild of TV presenter and musician, Kimo Winiata according to his own press release of 18 August,

Apparently “The Maori Side Tour aims to encourage our youth to take an active role in the political future of Aotearoa” according to Winiata

Watching Brief wonders if the Maori Side Tour is not in fact the Brown Faces Pub Crawl (WB considers if it's acceptable to call European New ZealandersPakeha” it is also acceptable to call Maori “Brown Faces”) given that the venues are: Hamilton The Altitude Bar, followed by Rotorua at the Lake House Hotel, then the Carlton Bar at Newmarket in Auckland, then Whangarei at the Onerahi Tavern, then Latitude Live at Napier with apparently a finale at the Loaded Hog in Levin.

WB also observes that Winiata is “looking to team up with the electoral commission to help target Māori Youth throughout the tour - to get 18-25 years olds in particular onto the roll, so that we could finally see the balance of power shift in parliament towards Māori interests”

WB hopes that the supposedly non partisan NZ Electoral Commission will not be committing tax payer dollars to such a partisan undertaking

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Clear the Decks of Political Appointments

Fran O’Sullivan writes in the NZ Herald today (

about the appointment of political cronies to government controlled entities she says that an incoming National Government will not be able to re balance appointments “until the next rollover period for SOE and crown company directorships in April 2009. Some 80-100 of these directorships become available each year. The real problem will be down at pygmy level: The myriad smaller jobs (some 140 in five weeks) into which Labour has stacked party favourites. This is where the pressure should go - unfortunately the rollover times will be years away.”

Watching Brief is of the view that National should pass legislation as soon as possible after the election that terminates without compensation all political appointments to government entities that were made in the previous Government’s term of office upon the appointee receiving a months notice from the appropriate Minister. This will enable any future incoming Government to “clear the decks” particularly of those overt political appointments such as Mike Williams and Dianne Yates.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Storming (or is it profaining) Norman

In a Press Release on Tuesday, 12 August 2008, Russel Norman said “Otago Regional Council must stop protecting names of persistent polluters if it is serious about the problem of worsening river quality in the region.

Watching Brief wonders if the Otago Regional Council should take any account of a an Australian who is one of the worst polluters of the English Language given Norman’s comment "Well, you can stick it up your arse, Stephen." (

Volunteers and the (Dyson) Example

Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector, the Hon Ruth Dyson said in a Press Release dated Tuesday, 12 August 2008 'New research revealing that volunteers make up an impressive two-thirds of the workforce in the non-profit sector"

Watching Brief would say to Dyson please do not belittle those of us who actually work in the voluntary sector by trying to take the credit for the people that put in the time. If one could count the number of hours we in the voluntary sector have to put in filling in interminable forms and the rest of the PC Bullshit that goes with it its a wonder why any of us really bother

So spare me the faint praise, I don't need any platitudes from a convicted criminal.

Monday, 4 August 2008

A problem with Windows Explorer

Watching Brief suggest readers use Firefox as IE is unable to give you my latest blogs

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tax Payers' milk and suckling by the left

Associate Health Ministers Damien O’Connor and Steve Chadwick last Friday gave their support to promote the breastfeeding ‘Big Latch On’ event, which aims to break the record for simultaneous breastfeeding and marks the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week.

Watching Brief has no doubt that O’Conner and Chadwick are enthusiastic about “latching on” after all their Party and fellow cohorts are the biggest suckers of the tax payers’ tit since records began.

Keeping up with the Jones'

On the 2nd of July Shane Jones issued a press release saying “Today's inaugural building forum in Auckland - " Leading for the Future" - has laid down the foundations for the long-term future of the industry”

He concluded by stating "We are searching for a coherent blue print for the future of Building and Construction Industry and today's forum had let us put down the foundations for that roadmap,"

Watching Brief wonders how many more clichés Jones could utter, mind you, it is difficult to understand how any member of Jones’ Party could be described as being “coherent”.

Watching Brief, if a press release was called for, would have said to the Building and Construction Industry "Forget about buzz words my policy is very simple “build it and they will come”, you are the risk takers so long as your project is properly thought out and constructed, then do it”

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Curtains for Dalziel?

Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel yesterday announced the appointment of Donal Curtin as Deputy Chair of the Commerce Commission for a five-year term.

Watching Brief wonders if this is the same Donal Curtin who until last week was the chairman of troubled financial advisory group Vestar's investment committee.

News reports ( say that forty-five Vestar clients are preparing a case against their former financial advisers, the directors of Vestar and its investment committee for giving them poor advice and ploughing millions into finance companies which have since hit trouble. Many were put into the same six finance companies - Bridgecorp, Capital + Merchant, OPI Pacific Finance, MFS Boston, St Laurence and Property Finance. OPI Pacific Finance and MFS Boston were owned by the same company that owned Vestar. The case is likely to include alleged breaches of the Fair Trading Act, which is monitored by the Commerce Commission.%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3Ch5%20align%3D%22center%22%3EAdvertisement%3C/h5%3E%3Cstyle%3E%09.ad_283x250%20%7B%09%09WIDTH%3A283px%3B%09%09height%3A250px%3B%09%09%09%7D%09%09.ad1_283x250%20%7B%09%09WIDTH%3A283px%3B%09%09text-align%3Acenter%09%7D%09%09.adTitle_283x250%2Ca.adTitle_283x250%2Ca.adTitle_283x250%3Alink%2Ca.adTitle_283x250%3Aactive%2Ca.adTitle_283x250%3Avisited%20%7B%09%09color%3A%23006699%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Aunderline%3B%09%09overflow%3Ahidden%3B%09%09font%3Abold%201.3em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%7D%09%09a.adTitle_283x250%3Ahover%20%20%7B%09%09color%3A%23006699%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Aunderline%3B%09%09overflow%3Ahidden%3B%09%09font%3Abold%201.3em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%7D%09%09.adText_283x250%20%7B%09%09color%3A%234B4A4A%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%201.1em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%7D%09%09.adLink_283x250%2Ca.adLink_283x250%2Ca.adLink_283x250%3Alink%2Ca.adLink_283x250%3Aactive%2Ca.adLink_283x250%3Avisited%20%7B%09%09overflow%3A%20hidden%3B%09%09width%3A%20283px%3B%09%09color%3A%20%2313A00C%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%201.0em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%09%7D%09%09a.adLink_283x250%3Ahover%20%7B%09%09overflow%3A%20hidden%3B%09%09width%3A%20283px%3B%09%09color%3A%20%2313A00C%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%201.0em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%09%7D%09%09.adLinkWide_283x250%7B%09%09overflow%3A%20hidden%3B%09%09width%3A%20283px%3B%09%09color%3A%20%2313A00C%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%200.8em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%20%09%7D%09%09.adLink1_283x250%2Ca.adLink1_283x250%2Ca.adLink1_283x250%3Alink%2Ca.adLink1_283x250%3Aactive%2Ca.adLink1_283x250%3Avisited%20%7B%09%09overflow%3A%20hidden%3B%09%09width%3A%20283px%3B%09%09color%3A%20%2313A00C%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%201.1em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%09%09text-align%3Acenter%3B%09%7D%09%09a.adLink1_283x250%3Ahover%20%7B%09%09overflow%3A%20hidden%3B%09%09width%3A%20283px%3B%09%09color%3A%20%2313A00C%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%200.8em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Aunderline%3B%09%09text-align%3Acenter%3B%09%7D%09.adTitle1_283x250%2Ca.adTitle1_283x250%2Ca.adTitle1_283x250%3Alink%2Ca.adTitle1_283x250%3Aactive%2Ca.adTitle1_283x250%3Avisited%20%7B%09%09color%3A%23006699%3B%09%09font%3Abold%201.3em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%09%7D%09a.adTitle1_283x250%3Ahover%20%7B%09%09color%3A%23006699%3B%09%09font%3Abold%201.3em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Aunderline%3B%09%7D%09%09.adText1_283x250%20%7B%09%09color%3A%234B4A4A%3B%09%09font%3Anormal%201.1em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%7D%09%09.abg_283x250%20%7B%09%09font%3Abold%201.3em%20%20Arial%2C%20sans-serif%3B%09%09text-decoration%3Anone%3B%09%09color%3A%237F664A%3B%20%09%09background%3A%20%23ffffff%20url%28http%3A//

The appointment of Donal Curtin yet again demonstrates how out of touch the Labour Government is with the electorate. Why Dalziel would make this appointment when the appointee has exposure to litigation in the very area where the Commerce Commission is also taking a keen interest baffles Watching Brief, or is it that Dalziel is just stupid?

Monday, 28 July 2008

We like Condoleezza we do not like Petersleeza

I refer readers to Condoleezza Rice's very good speech in Auckland ( It does seem a pity however that our left wing cabal are not able to be as explicit when it comes to other countries ( I refer you to her very perceptive remarks about China) and forgive one for going off on a bit of a tangent however have you ever noticed the number of dictatorships that preface their official title with the words "the Peoples Democratic Country of Whatever?"

In any event I welcome the positive engagement with the US and even more, I look forward to NZ having a far more constructive engagement with the US as both of our countries look forward to the new leadership provided by John Key and John McCain and given Condoleezza's undoubted talents, Mr. McCain should indeed make her his running mate.

Insofar as our Foreign Minister is concerned the sooner the electorate vote NO the better.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sue Piper or Pied Piper?

Hon Judith Tizard, Associate Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister, yesterday announced the appointment of Sue Piper to the Board of Te Papa for a three year term, from 1 August 2008.
Judith Tizard said she was delighted to welcome Ms Piper to the Te Papa Board. “This appointment will bring useful governance skills developed in the local government sector.

Hmmmmm Watching Brief has concerns about Judith Tizard knowing anything about governance or any other issue, including Auckland Issues.

"Sue Piper is Executive Director of the Wellington Community Foundation and a former Wellington City Councillor. Sue is also Chair of the Local Government Commission. Her other governance roles include membership of Sport Wellington Region, Quotable Value New Zealand and the New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal."

Watching Brief wonders why Judith Tizard did not say that Sue Piper was elected to the Southern Ward of the Wellington City Council as a LABOUR candidate. She also failed to win re-election however a failed Labour candidate is obviously an ideal background for “jobs for the girls”

Lets have a look at who appointed her to some of her other gravy train(s)
When he was Minister of Local Government Mark Burton appointed her to the Chair of the Local Government Commission and Steve Maharey appointed her to the Prostitution Law Review Committee.

Do we see a picture here? Dianne Yates, Sue Piper the list of failed labour lackeys feeding on the tax payer just keeps on growing.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Pecuniary Interest

In a statement yesterday the Office of RT Hon Winston Peters said that yesterday’s Dominion Post article is a smear campaign of unsubstantiated allegations.

Watching Brief would suggest to Winston that rather than talk about “smear campaigns” he talks about why after receiving the benefit of a $100,000 payment for his legal fees he did not declare this gift in Parliament’s Register of Pecuniary Interests for MPs and furthermore seek the permission of Prime Minister Clark to keep a gift worth more than $500.00

It is inconceivable that he did not know that his legal fees were reduced by $100,000 even though he may not have known the details of the donor. However Winston was required to name the donor if the donor’s name is reasonably ascertainable by the member. Watching Brief would suggest that asking your lawyer “who made the donation?” is a reasonable step to take in satisfying this requirement. Refer to the explanatory notes to The Register (see below)

The only other possibility is that Winston’s lawyer never billed Winston for legal services, in that case Winston would need to make a separate disclosure to Parliament’s Register of Pecuniary Interests for MPs ( under the heading gifts as the explanatory notes to The Register state;

Gifts (Form 11)
7(1)(b) a description of each gift (including hospitality and donations in cash or kind
but excluding any donation made to cover expenses in an electoral campaign) received by the member that has an estimated market value in New Zealand of more than $500 and the name of the donor of each of those gifts (if known or reasonably ascertainable by the member) This also includes services provided at no charge, such as work on your home.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Botany and Kawa

Watching Brief has noted that labour have selected (yet another ) academic Toro Kawa to be their candidate for the electorate of Botany.

Mr Kawa seems very well qualified ( and will be a useful addition to Labour’s ranks (providing he has a high list place as he will not win the seat)

Mr. Kawa’s undoubted IT skills will be welcomed by the Labour back room people in the ongoing development of Labour’s blog sites such as The Standard and No. 8 Wire.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Justification or not for Owen Glenn?

Winston said in a statement on 19 July that Owen Glenn “did not make a donation to the NZ First Party but I am now aware he made a donation to a legal action he thought justified.”

Watching Brief is quite amused by the word “justified”

When Mr Glenn made the donation was he entitled to believe that it “justified” his claim to be appointed New Zealand’s honorary Consul General in Monaco?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

An alternative view to Trotter's

On reading Chris Trotter’s opinion piece in the Sunday Star Times ( today Watching Brief decided to paraphrase the article.

The Beneficiaries

Backbone of the left, these are the spenders of our tax dollars, with an indefatigable sense of entitlement. These are the people that when asked to act responsibly when they receive welfare payments laugh at the suggestion and justify their actions by placing any blame for their plight on those who fund their largesse. From their ranks comes the majority of criminal behaviour that befouls our society.

The Bureaucrats

The foot soldiers of the left, who take delight in writing reports, gaining funding for studies and reviews of any and all perceived problems and then when there is a failure in policy or performance take an extravagant amount of time and money to conduct an inquiry which of course never mentions the words “who exactly was at fault” and naturally never concludes with what action was taken against the faceless individuals who were at fault.

The Academics

The High Priests and Priestesses of the Nanny State. These are the defenders of an ivory tower view of the world, they are convinced of their own superiority and have as their mantra “do as I say not as I do”. They do all in their power to destroy traditional values; they have a penchant to rewrite history so as to entrench their viewpoints. These are the people to whom “Climate Change” is a religion, criminality is the victims fault and government expenditure is automatically inviolate just because “we know best”

Yes, these are the people you will be supporting by voting for the left. The people who are opposed to any attempt to deal with issues of the moment by using logic, rather they are blinded by their ideology and use the politics of personal denigration and mud slinging to achieve their objectives, whilst at the same time setting limits on the rights of their opponents to publish any criticism.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tizard being creative

Associate Arts Culture and Heritage Minister Judith Tizard says (in a media statement issued 16 July) “that it's utterly astonishing that the National Party's arts policy released today failed to have one original or creative idea”

Watching Brief finds it utterly astonishing that Judith Tizard believes that arts policy should consist of “original or creative ideas” when surely any arts policy should provide a platform for artists to have “original or creative ideas” or is the PM’s handbag suggesting that the Ministry for Arts Culture and Heritage change its role to directly employing all artists in order to ensure that the Ministry does have “original or creative ideas”

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Does Winston have any wine boxes?

Tim Murphy the editor of the NZ Herald stood by the Peters/Glenn story ( saying; "The issue here is simple: Owen Glenn says he donated to New Zealand First. Winston Peters has said, and continues to say, that Glenn didn't. The story, based on explicit emails, highlights that gap,"

Watching Brief is very concerned about the "gap' and suggests that the Serious Fraud Office need to commence an investigation, into what has happened to Mr. Glenn's donation? If it did not go to NZ First where did it go? The SFO could make a start by seizing all the wine boxes in Winston's possession or control.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Progressive food prices

Rising food prices are a challenge for many struggling families and New Zealand needs to care about them, Agriculture Minister and Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton said in a press release dated 15 July. He went on to say higher food prices, caused by high global prices, are a two-way street for New Zealand.

Watching Brief would suggest that Mr. Anderton would be better employed caring for families by using his position in Cabinet to press for lower government spending thus allowing more substantial tax cuts for “challenged” New Zealand families rather than wasting his time and our money releasing vacuous press statements. Or is it that Mr. Anderton does not really care given he is on a one way street out of government later this year?

Bit of a botch up

In a media release dated 14 July, Winston Peters says the Crown Agency handling the sale of the former Napier Hospital site has some serious questions to answer about why the deal was botched up.

Watching Brief understands that Mr. Owen Glenn has some serious questions for Winston Peters, one in particular being why the appointment process of Mr. Glenn becoming New Zealand's honorary consul general in Monaco was botched up.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Payouts are concerning

According to the NZPA ( Trevor Mallard said yes he would be concerned if the process under way (in regard to the Veitch affair) ended with a pay out.

Watching Brief is concerned about the multiple payouts to ex Labour MP Dianne Yates. Or is it a case of the lady from the "food bowl" having her very own taxpayer funded "rice bowl"?

A moral crisis

Miss Clark today said on Newstalk ZB that if senior TVNZ managers knew of the details of the Veitch affair, but failed to act, then there was a "moral crisis in the heart of the organisation,"

Watching Brief says if Miss Clark knew and or colluded with others to break the promise Labour made to the Electoral Commission before the last election, to include the pledge card spending in its cap, and then renege on that undertaking after taking office, then there was a "moral crisis in the heart of the organisation"