Sunday, 3 August 2008

Keeping up with the Jones'

On the 2nd of July Shane Jones issued a press release saying “Today's inaugural building forum in Auckland - " Leading for the Future" - has laid down the foundations for the long-term future of the industry”

He concluded by stating "We are searching for a coherent blue print for the future of Building and Construction Industry and today's forum had let us put down the foundations for that roadmap,"

Watching Brief wonders how many more clichés Jones could utter, mind you, it is difficult to understand how any member of Jones’ Party could be described as being “coherent”.

Watching Brief, if a press release was called for, would have said to the Building and Construction Industry "Forget about buzz words my policy is very simple “build it and they will come”, you are the risk takers so long as your project is properly thought out and constructed, then do it”

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