Saturday 4 September 2010

Muslims immune from Eathquake Damage?

WB notes that “The Press” is reporting; Canterbury University has closed its campus for one week following the Canterbury earthquake. The one exception is in consideration of Ramadan so the Muslim prayer centre will remain accessible.

WTF!!! so Muslims are catered for, but Christian students cannot visit The University Chapel.

It seems to WB that Muslims are immune from safety requirements…..hold on of course they are…..when was the last time one ever saw a Christian hijacking a plane and flying it into a building!!!!

Saturday 10 July 2010

Party Central

WB would suggest that we leave the wharf and old sheds and tents et al to the seagulls. A far better use of resources would be to offer Cactus Kate a substantial retainer to draw up a Party Central Plan for the RWC Punters after all she is one of the more knowledgeable people in where one should dine and imbibe in downtown Auckland.

There could be one plan for those who eat Pies, drink Beer and RTD's i.e. keep them on the eastern side of Queen Street and another for those whose tastes are somewhat more cultivated whereby they would have the western side of Queen Street.

The plans could be drafted along the same lines as those ghastly "jogging routes" that five star hotels give to their guests (why hotels do this always defeats WB), this together with the appropriate ID would ensure that RWC punters could set out knowing that there is only one checkpoint, that of Queen Street and the security people can keep the Westies for once in their lives "East" whilst those who are more appreciative of fine living can continue to do so.

Monday 10 May 2010

Great Advice NOT

I note that No Minister is reporting that Red Alert or whatever the communists call their web site that the followers of Trotsky are publishing somewhat of a (yawn) satirical take off of Rodders Hide offering advice to the The Tories and the loonies (aka Lib Dem's).

WB would have thought that the best advice Red Alert could offer would be in the words of their "Dear Leader".............. "Last cab off the rank" and David C should have a chat to Helen C so as to tell Clegg to FO

Naphui and their own State

Essentially it is pretty simple let Naphui secede, let them look after their "tribe" in totality.

I am sure the Henare's would be pretty upset given that they would have to take their lips off those of us who pay tax to fund their troughing and instead rely upon their "Bros" for support.

I guess the disparite hapu could always survive by eating one another!!!