Tuesday 26 May 2009

A New Zealander Opened a Bank Account Today

It has been reported that a New Zealander opened a bank account today.

A spokesman from Bestwack where the account was opened said the Bank were taking this news very seriously, he went onto say that “if every New Zealander did the same thing the Bank would need to ask the Government to look at increasing the penalties for such blatant breaches of the law”

When asked why the Bank was so concerned he said “well if people have bank accounts then it opens up the possibility that the Bank may lose money by depositing funds in the account, it is simply outrageous that the Bank can be exposed in this way”

He went onto say that “ordinary New Zealanders cannot be trusted to have a bank account, the Bank will for a small weekly charge provide a money box where people can keep their money and when the box is full they can bring it to the Bank where for another small charge the Bank will place the money into the Bank’s account”

When asked about the practicality of this he replied “the Bank offer a range of money boxes catering for both small and large amounts of money and this enables our customers to have a wide choice”

The Bank refused to be drawn on how internet banking can be conducted using money boxes, however the spokesman did say “well we have mail boxes and the mail seems to be able to be moved around and it is exactly the same with money boxes”

Sunday 24 May 2009

MP's and Expenses

Parliamentary speaker Lockwood Smith has ruled out MPs releasing details of their expenses. WB has commented about this before, IMHO politicians should only receive reasonable expenses for their time and trouble that way we would have elected representatives that only hold office for altruistic reasons rather than the sorry lot we have now (mostly from the left) who receive a pay rise upon their election.

Monday 11 May 2009

What is the point of having Bail?

WB would like to know why the NZ Police did not oppose Bail for this thug

This from the NZ Herald today

"Kurariki admits assault, freed on bail 11:10AM Monday May 11, 2009
Bailey Junior Kurariki leaves the Manuaku District Court after he was granted parole in February. Photo / NZ Herald
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Kurariki remanded in custody on assault charge
Bailey Junior Kurariki has been released on bail after pleading guilty to a reduced assault charge today.
New Zealand's youngest convicted killer has been in custody since March 29 after being arrested on a charge of assaulting Janie Martin, believed to be his girlfriend.
He was originally charged with male assaults female but his lawyer Jeremy Sutton and police agreed to a lesser common assault charge when he appeared in Manukau District Court today.
Kurariki was granted bail on conditions, including a 7pm-7am curfew after police did not oppose bail.
He will be sentenced on the assault charge and three charges of breaching parole later this month."