Friday 5 June 2009

Is Richard Worth It?

WB will not comment on the Worthiness or otherwise of the allegations against the former Member for Remuera, however we make the following observations;

He has not done a Clark 1 "Paintergate"

He has not done a Clark 2 "I did not know we were speeding"

He has not done a Dyson "DIC"

He has not done a Samuels "I thought the corridor was the toilet"

He has not done a Dalzeil "I didn't mean to mislead the House"

He has not done a Mallard "It was just a bit of biffo towards another MP"

He has not done a Benson Pope " where is that tennis ball?"

He has not done a "Thaito"

That said WB fully supports the PM in requesting his resignation or be sacked. Nathan Guy or Craig Foss would and could do a far better job as Ministers of the Crown.

Perhaps the National Party should consider changing the rules for their members if you lose your electorate seat then do not expect to get back on the List, certainly the electorate at large is somewhat askance at the Worths and Barkers of this world who cannot make it in their electorates but are returned to Parliament on the "List"