Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Trotter's Blog the new Pravda?

Perhaps we should call Chris Trotters new blog (http://bowalleyroad.blogspot.com/) Pravda.

Chris seems to have determined that they only way the left can have a voice is through censorship.

WB quotes from the rules of his blog "However, I do add this warning. If the blog seems in danger of being over-run by the usual far-Right suspects, I reserve the right to simply disable the Comments function, and will keep it that way until the perpetrators find somewhere more appropriate to vent their collective spleen."

Notice that only the far right are subject to rules yet the far left i.e. those who worship Chris are free to "vent their spleen"

And by the way Pravda translated means "The Truth" One can only admire Orwell's foresightedness

The Jangled World of Chris Trotter

WB notes that the self appointed guardian of the left seems to have a new blog site; http://bowalleyroad.blogspot.com/

Chris, can you please explain amongst the jangled jargon of labels that you employ in your writing what exactly is your problem? Presumably when the electorate at large voted for the left they were correct but when they voted for the right they were wrong?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Socialists Plotting

Over at the Stranded or should I say Beached the left are plotting again, this quote has all the hallmarks of typical left thinking

"Thought also needs to be given as to how the Left will win control of the councils in the 2010 elections"

Remember the Left are all about power for its own sake, another quote from the Stranded "councils have a lot of control over infrastructure and urban planning"

So according to the Left it is very important to be in a position to exercise CONTROL, nowhere is there any mention of gratitude let alone acknowledgement that local bodies are funded by ratepayers.

WB suggests that the fellow travellers having been cut off from the tax payers tit until at least 2011 are trying to latch onto the ratepayers tit in the meantime.

WB reminds readers "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I wouldn't describe it as Armageddon

Stuff are reporting that "The Treasury opened the books for incoming prime minister John Key today, and he was not greatly concerned by what he saw.

After meeting Treasury secretary John Whitehead and senior officials, Mr Key told reporters the situation had deteriorated "a little bit" since the pre-election fiscal update.

"They are more pessimistic but I wouldn't describe it as Armageddon," he said."

All WB can say is what a relief that we finally have a PM that understands numbers in a fiscal sense rather than an ex PM who only saw numbers in terms of 'how many of the great unwashed that I need to convince (bribe) to keep me in power."

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Amazing; Judith Tizard is going to think

The Herald today reported Judith Tizard as saying, following her well deserved ousting by Nikki Kaye;

"I'm looking at my somewhat chaotic garden thinking, you know, this is the first time in 18 years I'll be able to get in and do some serious gardening. I mean I think I just need to stop and think."

Judith, you should have been thinking for a long time before this, and I mean serious thinking rather than thinking about thinking where and when you could acquire the next free canape and a glass of plonk.

Trot Off

Over at the Sunday Star Times today Chris Trotter was at his vitriolic best;

Well Chris in the words of one your heroes; the recently "fallen on my sword" Michael Cullen

"We one you lost eat that"


The title says it, now we look forward to the clean out of the left sycophants from all their tax payer funded posts across Crown Entities

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Helen Clark Crackers?

What a joke the latest "tape" on TV3 turned out to be. WB is now seriously thinking that rather than Clark's description of the tape as being "a cracker" that it is Clark who is crackers.

WB believes Clark has never recovered from primary school when she told interviewer Virginia Myers for the book Head and Shoulders.

“I was terribly shy, because of the lack of contact with other children. There were no others in the area and when I went to primary school I developed a lot of psychosomatic illnesses from having to mix with other kids.

“I had a very narrow social experience. There are still [as of 1984] whole slices of New Zealand I’ve never been in contact with and don’t feel at ease with. Like the business community. I’ve never had much to do with middle class urban New Zealand.”

WB would suggest that in 2008 Clark has exactly the same unease as in 1984.

More Toys for Prisoners?

The Herald reports today that Toys have been removed from Christchurch Men's Prison's visiting area after they were used for fighting and drug smuggling.

WB says this is excellent at last the Corrections Department is treating prisoners as prisoners.

But wait there is more;

The Herald went on to quote Southern Assistant Regional Manager for the Department of Corrections Ian Burke "Mr Burke said a more suitable range of toys were being looked at to replace those that had been confiscated."


WB wonders if the new toys will be in time for Christmas.

This readers is a classic example of what is wrong with this Labour Government. New toys for incarcerated criminals rather than providing some toys for the Sallys to give to disadvantaged kids at Christmas.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The TV 3 Debate

If one had only listened to the debate rather than watched then I suspect the score would be pretty even, however even is not enough to get Clark over the line.

The telling part was the contrasting demeanour of the two; Clark looked tired and haggard whereas Key looked pretty relaxed and confident.

In short we saw a Prime Minister on the way out and a Prime Minister on the way in so I would have to give the result to John Key.

One interesting snippet during the analysis afterwards was Linda Clark's observation that the National Party's private polling showed it's lead extending.

Another point; John Campbell will have a sore throat on Tuesday given the amount of talking he indulged in.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fiction and Nicky Hager

Over at http://www.pundit.co.nz Nicky Hager says (in italics) the following, after which WB has added comments.

“A presidential-style focus on John Key, that serves to keep people's minds off the line-up of 1990s privatisers, deregulators and social service-cutters who would make up much of a National-ACT Cabinet. “

Very interesting. Is there not also a presidential-style focus by the left on Helen Clark?

The very same Helen Clark when she was Deputy PM in the Lange/Palmer Labour government personally signed off on the sale and privatization of more state assets than at any other time before or since such as Air New Zealand (1989), New Zealand Steel (1987), Petrocorp (1989), Postbank (1989), Telecom NZ (1990) and Works Corporation (1989).

The contrast with John Key could not be more stark, Helen Clark sold state assets, John Key has said he will not.

“ Not releasing policy, not answering questions and not debating policy except when it suits them; and now, mid-election campaign, releasing "policy" that is little more than publicity stunts and too late for proper scrutiny.”

WB notes that Labour are saying that following the election they will bring in a mini budget to address the economy……..but we have no idea of what it contains.

“An orchestrated campaign to knock Winston Peters and the New Zealand First Party out of the election, thereby (they hope) swinging the MMP balance in National's favour. (Remarkably, there has been almost no discussion about where this campaign came from, why it is happening now and who stands to benefit from it.) “

This Hager comment is the ultimate in irony given his comments “that the Electoral Finance Bill is the sort of legislation you would expect to see introduced by the Nazi party.” A piece of legislation that his beloved NZ First Part voted for.

Or are you so deluded Nicky that you think you can sell the idea of another work of fiction purporting to chronicle the vast conspiracy to demolish Winston Peters as opposed to the facts as reported by Phil Kitchin, an award winning journalist.

Nicky Hager you are not a journalist, you are unable to see the world through a neutral pair of eyes and then follow the evidence, you are simply just another foot soldier of the left, that is blinded by ideology, a person who in the the 1940’s would be known as Goebbels