Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fiction and Nicky Hager

Over at Nicky Hager says (in italics) the following, after which WB has added comments.

“A presidential-style focus on John Key, that serves to keep people's minds off the line-up of 1990s privatisers, deregulators and social service-cutters who would make up much of a National-ACT Cabinet. “

Very interesting. Is there not also a presidential-style focus by the left on Helen Clark?

The very same Helen Clark when she was Deputy PM in the Lange/Palmer Labour government personally signed off on the sale and privatization of more state assets than at any other time before or since such as Air New Zealand (1989), New Zealand Steel (1987), Petrocorp (1989), Postbank (1989), Telecom NZ (1990) and Works Corporation (1989).

The contrast with John Key could not be more stark, Helen Clark sold state assets, John Key has said he will not.

“ Not releasing policy, not answering questions and not debating policy except when it suits them; and now, mid-election campaign, releasing "policy" that is little more than publicity stunts and too late for proper scrutiny.”

WB notes that Labour are saying that following the election they will bring in a mini budget to address the economy……..but we have no idea of what it contains.

“An orchestrated campaign to knock Winston Peters and the New Zealand First Party out of the election, thereby (they hope) swinging the MMP balance in National's favour. (Remarkably, there has been almost no discussion about where this campaign came from, why it is happening now and who stands to benefit from it.) “

This Hager comment is the ultimate in irony given his comments “that the Electoral Finance Bill is the sort of legislation you would expect to see introduced by the Nazi party.” A piece of legislation that his beloved NZ First Part voted for.

Or are you so deluded Nicky that you think you can sell the idea of another work of fiction purporting to chronicle the vast conspiracy to demolish Winston Peters as opposed to the facts as reported by Phil Kitchin, an award winning journalist.

Nicky Hager you are not a journalist, you are unable to see the world through a neutral pair of eyes and then follow the evidence, you are simply just another foot soldier of the left, that is blinded by ideology, a person who in the the 1940’s would be known as Goebbels


Keeping Stock said...

Quite so WB. I posted the post below back in February when Helen Clark accused National of having a secret agenda - as you rightly point out, Clark has a closet full of skeletons of her own.

Barnsley Bill said...

great post.

euminedes said...

One day when a few more people kick the bucket,the story of why people wouldnt let this story go - will come out. No-one has been paid to do it. It is simply about justice and good people not wanting to see a corrupt politician continue in parliament.