Tuesday 28 October 2008

Minor Parties and Vision Statements

WB has an antipathy towards "vision statements" how many times do we see them perfectly framed and mounted in office foyers proclaiming that zyx company values its staff, the community all the other stakeholders and what is more, strives to be a good corporate citizen"

The companies that WB is directly associated with have a vision statement being simply "maximise returns to shareholders"

Given that we are all shareholders in NZ Inc, WB simply laughed at the vacuous vision statements from all but one of the leaders of the minor parties espoused on last nights TVNZ debate.

Peter Dunne....."My vision is for another cabinet seat"
Tariana Turuia..."My vision is on the one hand then on the other"
Jim Anderton..."My vision is to up the drinking age"
Winston Peters..."My vision is to work with anyone that will retain my baubles"
Jeanette Fitzsimons..."My vision is to save the planet (possibly Mars?)"

The only leader who had a vision statement that one could understand was Rodney Hide

"Three strikes and your out, cap government spending, dismantle red tape and the ETS"

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Peters Pledge to Anderton re the Sale of Kiwi Bank a Forgery?

The NZ Herald reports that Mr Peters yesterday put forward a radical proposal to float shares in Kiwibank, with their sale restricted to New Zealanders, and channel all the Government's $55 billion a year business through it.

But Mr Anderton said Mr Peters had recently signed the Progressive's pledge stating "my party will not initiate or support the sale of Kiwibank".

With Labour and the Greens both opposed to the sale of Kiwi Bank how on earth can the voting public expect that a coalition of the left including NZ First ever hope to form a cohesive government.

As an aside obviously Mr. Peters believes that a signed pledge to the Anderton Party is a another forgery.

The Local Sheriff

When one observes that of the extra 1250 police recruited since the election, only 210 were posted to general duties but 133 to traffic duties, we believe the time has come to drastically overhaul our Police Force.

WB would suggest that the police need to be responsive to what local citizens demand in terms of policing policy. Therefore the present police structure should be abandoned completely and replaced with;

1/ A National Police Force similar to the Australian Federal Police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, responsible for issues such as; Organised Crime, White Collar Crime, Security and Diplomatic Protection. The top officer being appointed by the State Services Commissioner following consultation between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition

2/ A National Highway Patrol with jurisdiction limited to State Highways and Motorways, The top officer being appointed by the State Services Commissioner following consultation between the Minister of Transport and the Opposition Spokesperson for Transport.

3/ Regional Police Forces based on regional boundaries with the top officer in each region being elected for a fixed term by that region's voters.

WB firmly believes that local police chiefs should be directly accountable to the communities they serve, rather than to a politically appointed Commissioner based in Wellington.

With the local police chief under no illusions as to community expectations and with the ability to direct resources locally, we would I believe see a drastic drop in the crime rate.

Monday 20 October 2008

300 Cops Causing Fear

Stuff reports that Police Minister Annette King has hit out at National's announcement that it would put 300 extra cops into front line roles in South Auckland, saying the move was "creating fear".

WB is now seriously worried about Annette (Sun and Moon) King either a/ she is supporting National's policy by saying that it will make the crims fearful or b/ the people of South Auckland are worried about having more police to protect them from the crims.

Either way it does appear as if the sun and moon are having an affect on the soon to be ex minister of Police.

Saturday 18 October 2008

Barker being Decorative with Documentation

In a press release dated 7 October 2008, Rick Barker said "Decorative birth certificates available now"

WB wonders if Rick Barker decided that because a recent immigrant seemed to have a number of "decorative documents" then all New Zealanders should have the same opportunity.

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Give The Cullen Fund Back

Over at kiwiblog dpf links to the National Party Announcement that an incoming National Government will legislate for the NZ Superannuation Fund (i.e. The Cullen Fund,) or as WB prefers to call it; The Canute Fund, to invest 40% of its value within NZ.

WB says why not 100%, after all its our money in the first place, WB suggests that we just divvy it up, what could be more simple, just pro rata the amount of tax that we have paid individually since the fund was established against the total amount of the Fund and give us our money back.

Last Shower

WB's take on the TVNZ Leaders Debate;

Its very obvious John Key did not come down with the last shower

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Who is the Prime Minister?

WB viewed Close Up on TV One tonight, our impression was that John Key clearly enunciated National's economic policy, he was very focused and delivered an impressive summary of the key points of his policy and gave reassurance to electors in that he would be a very good custodian of the Nation's financial affairs. In short he looked, acted and spoke like a Prime Minister.

Whereas Helen Clark was on the defensive all she could do was attack, as evidenced by such emotive terminology such as "wrecker". In short she looked, acted and spoke like a Leader of the Opposition.

If this election is about "trust" then it is readily apparent that we can trust Labour to have no policy settings that would in any way mitigate the financial turmoil that we are currently experiencing.

Monday 6 October 2008

PREFU, the Acronym

WB is a pilot and those readers who are of the same volition will know that when we fly we have a series of checklists consisting of acronyms e.g. the downwind checks (i.e. immediately prior to landing) are; "BUMFISH" standing for; Brakes, Undercarriage, Mixture, Fuel, Instruments, Switches and Hatches.

Now for the PREFU, WB believes that the acronym according to Michael Cullen, means for the Labour Party Faithful; P for Pissing on you, R for Ripping you off, E for Exploiting you, F for Fucking you over and U for being so Understanding.

What Cullen does not understand is that for the rest of us PREFU is shorthand for PREtty much Fuck U

Saturday 4 October 2008

The Removal of Mike Williams et al from the Gravy Train

WB suggests that the incoming National Government should add an additional clause to the Crown Entities Act 2004 (and any other Acts as necessary) similar to the draft in blue below.

32 Term of office of members
  • (1) A member of a statutory entity holds office for—

    • (a) 3 years or any shorter period stated in the notice of appointment, in the case of a member of a Crown agent or autonomous Crown entity; or

    • (b) 5 years or any shorter period stated in the notice of appointment, in the case of a member of an independent Crown entity.

    • (c) Notwithstanding clauses 32 (1) (a) and (b) a member of a statutory entity will be deemed to have resigned their office upon the appointment of a new responsible minister.

Thursday 2 October 2008

The NZ Cross for Mr. Hemmings

Mr Hemmings' funeral yesterday was a very sad affair and he deserves recognition for paying the ultimate price for his bravery in helping a woman in need.

Watching Brief believes that he should be posthumously awarded the New Zealand Cross formerly known as the George Cross.