Monday 6 October 2008

PREFU, the Acronym

WB is a pilot and those readers who are of the same volition will know that when we fly we have a series of checklists consisting of acronyms e.g. the downwind checks (i.e. immediately prior to landing) are; "BUMFISH" standing for; Brakes, Undercarriage, Mixture, Fuel, Instruments, Switches and Hatches.

Now for the PREFU, WB believes that the acronym according to Michael Cullen, means for the Labour Party Faithful; P for Pissing on you, R for Ripping you off, E for Exploiting you, F for Fucking you over and U for being so Understanding.

What Cullen does not understand is that for the rest of us PREFU is shorthand for PREtty much Fuck U

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