Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Minor Parties and Vision Statements

WB has an antipathy towards "vision statements" how many times do we see them perfectly framed and mounted in office foyers proclaiming that zyx company values its staff, the community all the other stakeholders and what is more, strives to be a good corporate citizen"

The companies that WB is directly associated with have a vision statement being simply "maximise returns to shareholders"

Given that we are all shareholders in NZ Inc, WB simply laughed at the vacuous vision statements from all but one of the leaders of the minor parties espoused on last nights TVNZ debate.

Peter Dunne....."My vision is for another cabinet seat"
Tariana Turuia..."My vision is on the one hand then on the other"
Jim Anderton..."My vision is to up the drinking age"
Winston Peters..."My vision is to work with anyone that will retain my baubles"
Jeanette Fitzsimons..."My vision is to save the planet (possibly Mars?)"

The only leader who had a vision statement that one could understand was Rodney Hide

"Three strikes and your out, cap government spending, dismantle red tape and the ETS"

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