Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Who is the Prime Minister?

WB viewed Close Up on TV One tonight, our impression was that John Key clearly enunciated National's economic policy, he was very focused and delivered an impressive summary of the key points of his policy and gave reassurance to electors in that he would be a very good custodian of the Nation's financial affairs. In short he looked, acted and spoke like a Prime Minister.

Whereas Helen Clark was on the defensive all she could do was attack, as evidenced by such emotive terminology such as "wrecker". In short she looked, acted and spoke like a Leader of the Opposition.

If this election is about "trust" then it is readily apparent that we can trust Labour to have no policy settings that would in any way mitigate the financial turmoil that we are currently experiencing.

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Keeping Stock said...

Excellent post WB - have blogged about it on Keeping Stock. I think Clark is mentally preparing herself to go back to her old (pre-1999) job!