Tuesday 21 October 2008

Peters Pledge to Anderton re the Sale of Kiwi Bank a Forgery?

The NZ Herald reports that Mr Peters yesterday put forward a radical proposal to float shares in Kiwibank, with their sale restricted to New Zealanders, and channel all the Government's $55 billion a year business through it.

But Mr Anderton said Mr Peters had recently signed the Progressive's pledge stating "my party will not initiate or support the sale of Kiwibank".

With Labour and the Greens both opposed to the sale of Kiwi Bank how on earth can the voting public expect that a coalition of the left including NZ First ever hope to form a cohesive government.

As an aside obviously Mr. Peters believes that a signed pledge to the Anderton Party is a another forgery.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would it be a forgery?
Since when did Winston worry about honesty and consistency?
Whichever way the wind blows today is good enough for him ...
Just imagine the infighting with all the promises to be resolved under a coalition of Labour+Progressive+Greens+Peters+Maori+United