Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Helen Clark Crackers?

What a joke the latest "tape" on TV3 turned out to be. WB is now seriously thinking that rather than Clark's description of the tape as being "a cracker" that it is Clark who is crackers.

WB believes Clark has never recovered from primary school when she told interviewer Virginia Myers for the book Head and Shoulders.

“I was terribly shy, because of the lack of contact with other children. There were no others in the area and when I went to primary school I developed a lot of psychosomatic illnesses from having to mix with other kids.

“I had a very narrow social experience. There are still [as of 1984] whole slices of New Zealand I’ve never been in contact with and don’t feel at ease with. Like the business community. I’ve never had much to do with middle class urban New Zealand.”

WB would suggest that in 2008 Clark has exactly the same unease as in 1984.

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