Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Clear the Decks of Political Appointments

Fran O’Sullivan writes in the NZ Herald today (

about the appointment of political cronies to government controlled entities she says that an incoming National Government will not be able to re balance appointments “until the next rollover period for SOE and crown company directorships in April 2009. Some 80-100 of these directorships become available each year. The real problem will be down at pygmy level: The myriad smaller jobs (some 140 in five weeks) into which Labour has stacked party favourites. This is where the pressure should go - unfortunately the rollover times will be years away.”

Watching Brief is of the view that National should pass legislation as soon as possible after the election that terminates without compensation all political appointments to government entities that were made in the previous Government’s term of office upon the appointee receiving a months notice from the appropriate Minister. This will enable any future incoming Government to “clear the decks” particularly of those overt political appointments such as Mike Williams and Dianne Yates.

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