Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Best of 2008

Best Current Affair Blog, Kiwiblog

Best Affair Blog, Cactus Kate

Best News Item, The Election Result

Best Dressed in Yellow, Rodney Hide

Best Person to Suffer a Hangover for, Cactus Kate

Best Airline First Class, Emirates

Best Electorate Result, Auckland Central

Best Rural Blog, Home Paddock

Best Newspaper, The Telegraph

Best Unmitigated Crap Blog, The Stranded

Best Experince, Upside Down in my Aircraft

Best Wine Drank, 04 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc


Cactus Kate said...


One of best day/nights out of the year.

Thanks for dropping me off in time to pack and then catch cab to airport.

One day I will be too old to manage that.

homepaddock said...

Thanks for the compliment.