Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Helen Clark and Hypocrisy

Helen Clark said "Hard Hats On" WB would suggest that Clark is advising her pinko left wing colleagues to put their hard hats on to protect themselves from her vomit inducing drivel from her comments as reported in saying
"Had National got into Government it would have sent troops to Iraq and on a pro-rata basis, considering 4000 US troops were killed, there would be 60 body bags coming home,"

This from a Prime Minister who was and is still prepared to have our SAS troops on the front line in Afghanistan, and whom as witnessed by Corporal Willie Apiata's, well deserved VC are actually fighting under her watch.

The hypocrisy of this cunning conniving women knows no bounds.

To draw our Defence Forces (which her Government has done their best to emasculate) into her self serving quest for another term in power, quite simply shows the depths of her shonky government.

A PM who has one rule for her own colleagues but another one for Winston Peters simply proves that she is not fit to be Prime Minister but moreover suggests that her hand ringing attendance at so many of our remembrance ceremonies were more designed for photo ops rather than any deep seated respect for those which our country put in harm's way.

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