Monday 8 September 2008

Trotter and Trotsky

WB has had a look at Chris Trotter’s or is it Chris Trotsky’s latest blog (

WB wonders if Chris Trotter would be more at home in a time shift back to the the days when the USSR pretended to be a voice from the left (as well as trying to extend its hegemony world wide), his blog is imbued with the grammar from Orwell’s Animal Farm with phrases and comments such as business-friendly neotribal (sic) capitalists, working class compatriots and pakeha ruling class.

Trotters closing comment seems to lament the time when The Listener was the left’s mouthpiece with the comment “It’s a tragedy that this once proud (my words left wing) publication has sunk to the intellectual level of this week’s editorial”

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Cactus Kate said...

Trotter will blow back to the right the next time ACT invites him to speak at a policy wankfest and gives him some free stuff.