Friday, 20 March 2009


At the moment TVNZ is an absolute shambles from several viewpoints;

1 Management have a great deal of difficulty trying to understand and then deliver what the shareholder requires (i.e. dividends versus Charter obligations etc etc)

2 Their audience require quality programming and no advertising

3 Their staff believe they are public servants with all the entitlements that are part and parcel of working for the tax payer (or is it more a question of who cares? the taxpayer is picking up the Corporate Cab chit)

Why is it in the real business world we do not talk about entitlements rather than effort ='s results ='s rewards?

It seems to WB very simple

Lease TV2 to the highest bidder for say 30 years with rights of renewal, by way of an auction process so the taxpayer receives both an upfront payment and an annual rent

Merge TV1 and RNZ into one entity to provide a public broadcasting non commercial service

Win win all round we have our own version of the BBC with costs funded by the lease of TV2 and no broken election promises because nothing has been sold

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