Wednesday, 25 March 2009


It is being reported that Helen Clark has been appointed to the UN position of Administrator of the United Nationals Development Programme.

What is it about socialists that they can flit from one trough to another without ever thinking about embarking on a career in the "real world"?

All Helen Clark and her ilk can do is dream up ways to spend the "cake" rather than come up with ways to make the "cake" bigger.

That said there is now a golden opportunity for National to embarrass the socialists by putting up a credible candidate in Mt. Albert. At worst HC's majority can be markedly reduced at best National win the seat.

WB is sure Judith 'Lazy Lizard" is waiting with baited to breath to again climb on board the tax payer funded gravy train.


homepaddock said...

When you judge everyone else on your own low standards, the real world must be a very scary place.

Anonymous said...

WB has never found the real world scary, sometimes challenging but always rewarding. Not sure what HP means by low standards however WB makes no apologies for being an unabashed capitalist.

homepaddock said...

I was referring to socialists and their low standards not WB's. While not having had the pleasure of meeting WB the quality of his posts indicate he has very high standards.

Watching Brief said...

Thanks HP WB is relieved!!