Tuesday, 10 March 2009


This will be the first of a random series of flight reports.

WB suggests a simple scoring system, 1 point for achieved 0 points for average and -1 for fail

The categories are;

Check In



In Flight


Here we go

SIN-AKL Seat 1A SQ285 Boeing 777

Check In; Score 1 (dedicated first class area no waiting and boarding pass pre printed)

Lounge; Score 1 (Private first class lounge plenty of reading material three course meal available and Krug Champagne)

Boarding; Score 1 (Escort to the aircraft through separate airbridge and impossible to see or hear economy pax)

Inflight; Score 1 (Krug or Christal available throughout the flight, hostesses that take time out to re-sew a shirt button and what is more address one by Mr. WB rather than the tacky NZ lot who are presumptive enough to call one by one's Christian name)

Leaving; Score 0 (Maybe unkind to SQ however the AKL MAF Xray is just diabolical, WB only had hand carry bags so was first out the door, first through Customs but then came the MAF Xray machines, ........WB fully appreciates our MAF boarder controls however WB cannot understand why the so called "facilitators" either side of the Xray machines just stand around....they refuse to a/ lift your bags onto the machine and b/ then refuse to take the bags off and replace them on the trolley.......Why on earth do we pay pax tax to give jobs to such a lazy bunch of morons?)

So out of a possible 5 SQ scores 4 out of 5


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