Tuesday 17 March 2009

Public Transport WTF!!

Over at Whale Oil WB was interested in the looking at the options as suggested by Whale in terms of moving around Auckland, so WB had a glance at the http://maxx.co.nz/ website. From time to time WB flies his own plane to Ardmore and always arranges a rental car to drive to downtown Auckland. So, rental car Ardmore to Queen Street is around 30 minutes (off peak) compared to what Maxx estimates at 2 hours 19 minutes, even allowing for the fact that WB needs to walk the thick end of 4 kilometres before even stepping on board a bus or train.

All WB can say is that those morons who profess to be green, cloth cap, loser lefties are welcome to the complete and utter waste of time that is public transport, furthermore they should pay the full cost of their journeys on foot/rail/bus rather than relying on WB to subsidise their aimless dope fueled wanderings.

Walk 3750 metres to 161 Clevedon Rd**
9:12am* 9:20am
STAGECOACH AUCKLAND - Route KERI HILL SHOPPERS LOOPDeparts from 161 Clevedon Rd Arrives at 192 Great South Rd (arrive)

Walk 450 metres to Train Station - Papakura**
9:35am 10:28am*
VEOLIA TRANSPORT AUCKLAND - Route PAPAKURA TO BRITOMART VIA NEWMARKETDeparts from Train Station - Papakura Arrives at Train Station - Britomart

Walk 480 metres to Anz Queen St Near Vulcan Lane**


Anonymous said...

So a man who can clearly afford (no animosity on that score good sir) to get from point A to point B without using public transport feels it appropriate to piss on the need for greater public transport, as it wouldn't be convenient for him.

I would like to see a cost benefit ratio that shows the need to have effective public transport from Ardmore airport to Queen St. I doubt one has not been commissioned, nor will one.

I assume you complain that you subsidise health care? Education even? Not that having healthy, educated people has anything to do with higher productivity and ergo more opportunities for you to conduct business.

What do the cost benefit ratios tell us about less congested roads? Where might the discretionary money saved on transport costs, go once an integrated public transport network is 10ys strong?

Who knows, but by hell or high water, we should never try better our social standards should we. . . It might shave a couple of dollars off the trust funds year-end balance.

Watching Brief said...

WB says in reply

1/ If public transport cannot get one from point A (Ardmore is the second busiest airport in the Auckland Region) to point B (i.e. Downtown Auckland) in a timely manner then what is the point of public transport?

2/ WB would like to see the cost benefit ratio of public transport vis a vis more roads and more efficient use of our current roading stock

3/ Subsidise Education and Health Care? WB firmly believes that it is the taxpayers responsibility to fund the above, however WB would do this by giving parents/caregivers fully funded vouchers to spend at the educational institution of their choice and by having a nationwide medicare insurance scheme that rewarded people who led a healthy lifestyle

4/ Social Standards?? Not sure what that means is it left wing speak for the lowest common denominator? WB has personal standards but these will probably be called old fashioned in this age of "social standards"

5/ Trust Fund Balance are you talking about yours or mine?