Saturday, 18 April 2009


WB can only agree with Cactus and Home Paddock in regard to the Veitch violence.

The media coverage is simply distasteful.

WB considers that violence (except in time of war, self defence or to protect another e.g. Mr. Hemmings) is to be deplored.

WB saw Veitch the women basher in Fiji a few years ago (with we think a blond female sporty "celebrity" type person) anyway suffice to say any male who wears headdress (especially a baseball cap) indoors (inside the aircraft, inside the hotel as seems to be the Veitch penchant) can only be regarded as being of the lower orders and certainly not a gentleman in fact it is inexcusable for a male from any background to hit a female.


Cactus Kate said...

So we can add wearing of hats indoors to sunglasses on the head as crimes of the upper crust and wealthy?

Watching Brief said...

I would suggest that the word "nouveau" be inserted prior to the word words upper crust and the word "boorish" prior to wealthy. Other than that WB agrees