Saturday, 11 April 2009


WB would suggest that with review of the Electoral Finance Act underway, the review should be broadened to include a progressive voting system. Given that the cloth cap socialist left are very supportive of a progressive taxation system (the more you earn the higher percentage rate of taxation), it does seem logical to have the arbiters of political power treated progressively as well.

So with acknowledgement to Neville Shute's novel "In the Wet", WB believes our voting system should change to allow multiple individual votes along the lines of;

Basic Vote

Everyone receives one so long as the voter is over the age of 18.

Education Vote

Given to those who have completed a Bachelor's University Degree.

Family Vote

Given to the mother and father of children who remain married until the youngest child's eighteenth birthday.

Foreign Travel Vote

Given to everyone who has earned a living outside of New Zealand for at least five years (three of which must be continuous).

Taxation Vote

Given to everyone whose personal amount of tax paid to the IRD (in the three years prior to the closing date of the electoral roles) was greater than that of the total average personal amount paid over the same time frame.

Company Vote

Given to any organisation that paid company tax of an amount equal to or greater than "the total average personal amount" as defined by the Taxation Vote.

Achievement Vote

Given to those whom the Governor General determines have made a significant contribution to New Zealand. This vote is in the sole power of the Governor General acting alone and is intended for those New Zealanders who in the GG's opinion are deserving of the vote whether their achievement be at the local or national level paid or unpaid.

WB could well appreciate why the left would be apoplectic about such a system, however WB believes that our current flat voting system (one person one vote) is a very regressive system and seriously needs reform along the lines above.

This system would allow those who are educated, travelled, have more at stake and have made financial and or personal contributions above the average to have a greater say in choosing our government.