Tuesday, 7 April 2009


According to the NZ Herald website today former Labour Finance Minister Michael Cullen is leaving politics to take up the deputy chairmanship of New Zealand Post.

Whilst this may have some of the VRWC spitting tacks WB applauds the move.

We have a PM in John Key who knows how to emasculate the opposition; first Clark and now Cullen exiting (as is only right) stage left from the political scene.

John Key has now exposed what is left of Liarlabour MP's as a complete and utter motley bunch

Without Clark and Cullen the remnants will be left running around like headless chooks. The two people who were their heroes six months ago have decided that there is no hope of their party ever returning to office in their lifetimes so like rats deserting the sinking ship they have found a new home.

Like the lowlife that they are they have determined that a few pieces of silver are better than putting up with their former shipmates.

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