Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pacific Forum or Pacific Joke

WB refers to the following from today's Herald "PNG's Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, decided to cancel Tuesday's meeting of Pacific Islands Forum leaders and set a new date of February 10."

WB further understands that the Forum is now going ahead, what WB cannot understand is why John Key and Kevin Rudd do not tell these tinpot chieftains of Robinson Crusoe like islands that they are a complete joke in terms of an independent "country" and if they want to keep receiving aid dollars from the tax payers of NZ and AU then they should also "toe the line", retire to their grass huts and be very thankful that they can keep on being very small fish in a minuscule pond.

WB is sure that the inhabitants of the greater Robinson Crusoe islands would be far happier and would not have to put up with their corrupt chieftains if their Islands were still colonies or protectorates of NZ and AU

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