Thursday, 29 January 2009

NZ Police and Consistency

Whatever the rights and wrongs are about the the police shooting of the innocent motorist Halatau Naitoko last Friday, one thing needs to be considered, the NZ Police are very quick to charge a farmer for discharging a firearm at interlopers who appear at the implement shed trying to steal a farm bike or indeed the guy in the gun shop when the crim was waving a machete; therefore the NZ Police have to accept the fact that they are not superior to the law they have a duty to enforce.

Essentially whilst WB's inclination is to accept that the Constable(s) who shot Naitoko were trying to do their best in a very difficult situation, it beggars belief that those same Constables should not be charged with manslaughter, after all the truth will out in the end.

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Oswald Bastable said...

I don't think the police should be charged until (or unless) an inquiry has shown wrongdoing on the officers part.

But the same damned consideration ought to be extended to any citizen doing the same!