Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dealing with Communists

WB was in Havelock North yesterday and was accosted by a communist (He had to be one as he had a beard and was brandishing a petition around to stop asset sales), he invited me to sign the petition and I said no, he asked why not and I said well I think we should sell all the shares in tax payer owned enterprises not just 49%.
Well, he then said could I give him some money so that he could buy some shares, I advised him that at he would far better off actually earning some money as opposed to being an unpaid street worker.
Then he want to say that he does not actually need to buy shares in SOEs as he already "owns" them.
Normally WB does not engage with communists as they are financially illiterate and if they are males they have beards and if they are females they are lesbians, anyway, I suggested to him that share ownership comes with a right to receive a dividend,the right to share in the capital growth of the shareholding and the ability to borrow against said asset, I put it to the moron that if he thinks he "owns" shares in SOEs then he might want to have a chat to the Serious Fraud Office and lay a complaint as I would bet that he has never banked a dividend cheque from an SOE.
God give me strength, I had to go immediately to a Bar (where fortunately communists cannot afford to even buy water) and order a bottle of Veuve, mind you having read Cactus Kate's latest post WB would not have been surprised if Jacinda Adern had turned up given that she is not obviously saving to buy a house!!!

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Cactus Kate said...

That post was like Santa. May only come once a year but worth waiting.