Monday, 28 July 2008

We like Condoleezza we do not like Petersleeza

I refer readers to Condoleezza Rice's very good speech in Auckland ( It does seem a pity however that our left wing cabal are not able to be as explicit when it comes to other countries ( I refer you to her very perceptive remarks about China) and forgive one for going off on a bit of a tangent however have you ever noticed the number of dictatorships that preface their official title with the words "the Peoples Democratic Country of Whatever?"

In any event I welcome the positive engagement with the US and even more, I look forward to NZ having a far more constructive engagement with the US as both of our countries look forward to the new leadership provided by John Key and John McCain and given Condoleezza's undoubted talents, Mr. McCain should indeed make her his running mate.

Insofar as our Foreign Minister is concerned the sooner the electorate vote NO the better.

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