Sunday, 20 July 2008

An alternative view to Trotter's

On reading Chris Trotter’s opinion piece in the Sunday Star Times ( today Watching Brief decided to paraphrase the article.

The Beneficiaries

Backbone of the left, these are the spenders of our tax dollars, with an indefatigable sense of entitlement. These are the people that when asked to act responsibly when they receive welfare payments laugh at the suggestion and justify their actions by placing any blame for their plight on those who fund their largesse. From their ranks comes the majority of criminal behaviour that befouls our society.

The Bureaucrats

The foot soldiers of the left, who take delight in writing reports, gaining funding for studies and reviews of any and all perceived problems and then when there is a failure in policy or performance take an extravagant amount of time and money to conduct an inquiry which of course never mentions the words “who exactly was at fault” and naturally never concludes with what action was taken against the faceless individuals who were at fault.

The Academics

The High Priests and Priestesses of the Nanny State. These are the defenders of an ivory tower view of the world, they are convinced of their own superiority and have as their mantra “do as I say not as I do”. They do all in their power to destroy traditional values; they have a penchant to rewrite history so as to entrench their viewpoints. These are the people to whom “Climate Change” is a religion, criminality is the victims fault and government expenditure is automatically inviolate just because “we know best”

Yes, these are the people you will be supporting by voting for the left. The people who are opposed to any attempt to deal with issues of the moment by using logic, rather they are blinded by their ideology and use the politics of personal denigration and mud slinging to achieve their objectives, whilst at the same time setting limits on the rights of their opponents to publish any criticism.

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