Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sue Piper or Pied Piper?

Hon Judith Tizard, Associate Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister, yesterday announced the appointment of Sue Piper to the Board of Te Papa for a three year term, from 1 August 2008.
Judith Tizard said she was delighted to welcome Ms Piper to the Te Papa Board. “This appointment will bring useful governance skills developed in the local government sector.

Hmmmmm Watching Brief has concerns about Judith Tizard knowing anything about governance or any other issue, including Auckland Issues.

"Sue Piper is Executive Director of the Wellington Community Foundation and a former Wellington City Councillor. Sue is also Chair of the Local Government Commission. Her other governance roles include membership of Sport Wellington Region, Quotable Value New Zealand and the New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal."

Watching Brief wonders why Judith Tizard did not say that Sue Piper was elected to the Southern Ward of the Wellington City Council as a LABOUR candidate. She also failed to win re-election however a failed Labour candidate is obviously an ideal background for “jobs for the girls”

Lets have a look at who appointed her to some of her other gravy train(s)
When he was Minister of Local Government Mark Burton appointed her to the Chair of the Local Government Commission and Steve Maharey appointed her to the Prostitution Law Review Committee.

Do we see a picture here? Dianne Yates, Sue Piper the list of failed labour lackeys feeding on the tax payer just keeps on growing.

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