Saturday, 15 November 2008

Socialists Plotting

Over at the Stranded or should I say Beached the left are plotting again, this quote has all the hallmarks of typical left thinking

"Thought also needs to be given as to how the Left will win control of the councils in the 2010 elections"

Remember the Left are all about power for its own sake, another quote from the Stranded "councils have a lot of control over infrastructure and urban planning"

So according to the Left it is very important to be in a position to exercise CONTROL, nowhere is there any mention of gratitude let alone acknowledgement that local bodies are funded by ratepayers.

WB suggests that the fellow travellers having been cut off from the tax payers tit until at least 2011 are trying to latch onto the ratepayers tit in the meantime.

WB reminds readers "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

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Cactus Kate said...

Rodney Hide - Minister of Local Government. Minister of Regulatory Reform.

I think that's the perfect answer.